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Virginia Laser Therapy is the place to come. Our main objective is to eradicate pain so that you can lead a stress-free and comfortable life.

Individualized Care

We provide specialized laser therapy treatment for individuals, depending on age & body types to ensure you can lead your best life.

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Benefits of Treatment

Candidates that qualify experience a reduction in their symptoms in weeks, most experiencing an improvement in their stamina.

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Non-Surgical Solution

We don't mask the symptoms associated with peripheral neuropathy, but focus on restoring nerve functionality and quality of life.

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Virginia Laser Therapy Our approach to treating chronic Peripheral Neuropathy

While prevention is a key factor for remediating risk factors like diabetes, arthritis, or alcoholism, your peripheral neuropathy can be alleviated with laser therapy. Prescription medications can interact with the nerve endings and have the potential to exasperate symptoms. While effective as a form of pain management, medication won't be able to treat the underlying cause of the peripheral neuropathy. Many sufferers have utilized this specialized therapy from chiropractors to help alleviate symptoms and fight the disorder. Laser therapy is non-invasive, effective, and can be used in conjunction with comprehensive therapy to lead a stress-free and comfortable life.

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Laser therapy treatment is considered safe and effective in treating chronic pain, as well as helping alleviate some of the conditions that can act as a catalyst to peripheral neuropathy. Patients choose laser therapy as a form of comprehensive therapy when medication fails to alleviate the underlying causes of their condition. Individuals with this condition can benefit from targeted laser therapy treatment, with patients reporting a significant reduction in symptoms with repeated treatments.

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Our Testimonials

"I feel great – I feel like I have a new leg and a new body! I can do normal routines every single day of my life now."

Joyce, VA