Our therapists’ study why patients are experiencing certain symptoms and each treatment session focus on alleviating those specfic symptoms. With laser therapy, patients have recorded noticing relief even with the chronic conditions of peripheral neuropathy. Our therapists will closely work with you to understand why you are experiencing the symptoms and then effectively treat the pain. We provide various services to our patients, including laser therapy.

We Specialize in Indivualized Care

At Virginia Laser Therapy, we understand that human bodies function differently. Therefore, we provide different laser treatments for various individuals depending on their bodies and age. This ensures that the exercise works best for you and is able to restore your health so that you can lead your best life. Laser therapy is great for patients suffering from peripheral neuropathy because it greatly reduces the condition’s symptoms, thus the patient experiences less pain than they did before they started the treatment. This exercise is especially effective because our therapists takes time to identify and understand the cause of the symptoms.